Carborundum is a fine sand generally used for making sandpaper and preparing lithographic stones. The way I use it is by first preparing a plate by sealing a piece of card or board with several coats of varnish. The image is then painted on the surface of the plate with glue and the carborundum sprinkled over the top while it is still wet. When dry the excess carborundum is brushed off and the image sealed with a thin layer of varnish.

If this image was printed in black I would get a black shape on white background. To get tonal variations I build up layers of varnish over the carborundum. The more varnish the whiter the area will be when printed. When the work on the plate is finished I print it incorporating Monoprinting techniques.

A Monoprint is a one off, a Unique state print. It basically means that the image is printed once and due to the working process cannot be repeated like a traditional editioned print.
I use a variety of monoprinting techniques to produce a finished Unique state print. The main ones are painting directly on to the inked plate, rolling a colour over the top with a rubber roller and using plywood to add different textures.

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