The collaborative prints were done with an artist friend  Karl Ghattas, in London and Barcelona between the years 1997 and 2007 .  The collaborative work began after a conversation with karl on the phone.  He said he had an idea for a print of a an end grain of timber with the spirals overprinted a number of times.  Thinking about it, I went for a walk on the beach in Sheerness where I was living and found the perfect piece of drift wood. The results can be seen in Abolorius.  From then we made a variety of prints together generally with Karl using his extensive knowledge of philosophy, art and poetry and me putting those ideas into prints.

After a 8 year battle with a damaged heart, Karl died in 2007.

As with all Karls metal plate stele we made a print.  Karls last art work was a large plate, it is unfinished.  I have made a print of it and called it The Poet, as his last words on the plate are, ¨The artist is dead long live the poet¨

Karl spent the last years of his life writing poetry.

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